Unfortunately Pacifism Isn’t the Answer

That’s the title of this post by AbbaGav, an Isaeli blogger;

To be blunt, Osama’s followers — who are not just hiding in the caves of Afghanistan — believe the West is dying, and are challenging us to prove otherwise.

Yet when the meat-eaters, flag-wavers, neocons and gun nuts of the world actually advocate a muscular defense of Western Civilization and its freedoms, we are reminded that violence never solves anything, and that power corrupts so long as the non-utopian West is the one wielding it. No amount of marching for peace and opposing all forms of violence is enough to guarantee that the West’s hoped for demise will be followed by the flowering of a utopian pacifist paradise, not so long as there are still competing non-Western forces out there with guns and nukes and an ideology that isn’t saying give peace a chance.

All this talk of defending and fighting strikes the sophisticated modern ear as a somewhat outdated and barbaric idea — soooo 1940’s just when we thought we were past all that. Sadly, we’re not.

He’s worth a read. Fortunately for the west, there are still a few meat-eating gun nuts around. Actually, my immediate environs are rife with them, but I am told that is not true of great swaths of the rest of the west. It is a pity.

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  1. AbbaGav says:

    Of course I’m a flag-eating meat waver, but I try to pitch in too. Thanks for the link and the nice words. My ego really appreciates it. Down boy.

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