Tony Snow 2, Helen Thomas zippo

We were at lunch today and heard this exchange between Tony Snow and Helen Thomas, American journalism’s crazy old aunt in the attic (thanks, Taranto):

HELEN THOMAS: Can you say something is happening?

TONY SNOW: I’m saying that the United States has been expressing its concerns to the government of Israel, and also been talking to our friends and allies in the region.

HELEN THOMAS: But not very out loud.

TONY SNOW: Well, again, the thing is, do they want to make you happy, or do they want to get something done?

Slam! He got her a couple of days ago, too:

HELEN THOMAS: The United States is not that helpless. It could have stopped the bombardment of Lebanon. We have that much control with the Israelis.

TONY SNOW: I don’t think so, Helen.

HELEN THOMAS: We have gone for collective punishment against all of Lebanon and Palestine.

TONY SNOW: What’s interesting, Helen —

HELEN THOMAS: And this is what’s happening, and that’s the perception of the United States.

TONY SNOW: Well, thank you for the Hezbollah view, …

I really like Tony Snow.

Update by sammy: Here is the clip (hat tip Outside the Beltway:)

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