This one is so sick, it made Sammy chuckle.

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3 Responses to This one is so sick, it made Sammy chuckle.

  1. sammy says:

    I wonder if they hold the “police” outside for their own safety.

  2. Scott says:

    This is clearly not for real, but if it were, what would be really cool is an alternate scenario where the teachers and administrators are armed. I bet that would have a drastically different outcome. It would piss off the SWAT team players, though, as they probably wouldn\’t even get a chance to fire a shot. Then they could post on the site the number of students who die when the teachers are armed vs. the number who die while waiting for SWAT to show up.

  3. Scott says:

    Walt wrote:

    Scott, in order to truly assess the effects of arming teachers and students, you would have to run a full school year simulation, with all parties armed at all times. It can\’t be a \”one shot\” deal, so to speak. Also, I question the wisdom of arming ignorant students educated by NEA union teachers in a public school. I\\\’m betting the casualties over the year would surpass the shootings on that day. Also, could you imagine the excitement of \\\”Bring your own gun day\\\” at a Yankees-Red Sox game? This is Darwinism in an urban setting.

    I never suggested arming the students. It is true that the \”teachers\” would be on guard in the game, versus a real life scenario where they had just finished the last 100, 500, or 1500 days of no Columbine-type incidents occuring before an actual incident of that type occurs. Nevertheless, you could give a \”security\” bonus to the teachers who trained and carried, and if (when) such an incident occurred, I believe many fewer students would die.

    I don\’t agree with arming students for a number of reasons, but I\’d be willing to bet the incidence of bullying and harassing of less popular students took a major dip after Columbine. I can also imagine the \”excitement\” of a \”bring your own gun day\” at schools. Justice Scalia recently spoke about carrying his firearm on the subway from his Queens home to his Manhattan military school to participate in the schools rifle team. Now you may say times have changed, but his point is that the change is now too many people associate guns only with crime.

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