The Yeehawdists

Darrick The Red, a Townhall blogger here in Georgia, gives us this thought:

the Yeehawdists. (Yes, I thought of this term in the shower this morning and wanted to introduce it into the lexicon (?) and take full credit for it. I believe it will rank up there with “Me Generation” and “Sit on it”). Yeehawdists are the mostly blue collar men who live outside the Northeast and Oregon and California. And college campi. They live outside the big cities. They know how to hunt and fish and grow their own food. They usually do all these things for fun and relaxation but they could live off these skills if necessary. They may not be highly educated but they have common sense and common decency. The Yeehawdists say Grace and “Yessir and No Ma’am”. They hold open doors for women and are tolerant of active children. They are not nuanced into confusion about what’s right and what’s wrong. Yeehawdists believe in starting and finishing jobs. They like lemonade and they like whiskey. They live hard and play hard. They don’t participate in Depressions, Inflation and Recessions. They just keep on working. Except for house payments, Yeehawdists actually own what they have. They have sly, gentle senses of humor which, when the joke’s on you, will make you laugh with them. And they are even-tempered – too a point. When words and time run out then Yeehawdists unleash ancient, righteous anger. They become very focused and determined. Yeehawdists can put up with extreme hardship in order to kill the enemy. They have long memories. And lots of guns and knives and bows and arrows. They may not like some of their fellow Americans, but they understand that these people are still Americans and need to be defended anyway. They have an inherent understanding that America is, indeed, a great country and the last best hope for the world. They love it here and don’t want to “understand” or imitate other countries. That is a stupid notion to them. And they don’t like being bad-mouthed and pushed around.
So, Jihadists everywhere, just wanted to let you know who’s waiting for you when you get here.

I know quite a few of the sort of man Darrick is referring to. I am related to some of them and friends with many. These are the quiet, proud Americans who ease my mind when I worry about the future of this country. If it all goes as badly is it might, they are the ones who will cope. They are my tribe.

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2 Responses to The Yeehawdists

  1. Scott says:

    I assume it’s the “tolerant of active children” part that rules you out of actually being one ;-)

  2. sammy says:

    Actually, I think my yankee birth and the fact that my sense of humor is not gentle are the biggest things between me and membership to that club.

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