The NIE Key Judgments

Herbert E. Meyer, Special Assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence and Vice Chairman of the National Intelligence Council during the Reagan Administration, wrote a comment at The American Thinker on the recent NIE Key Judgments and what they say about our current intelligence gathering and processing efforts. Go read what he has to say, but here is the end result:

No issue is more important to our country’s security than the future of terrorism, and nothing could be more helpful to the President than a clear and accurate projection of what that future is likely to be. That is what this NIE should have provided, but doesn’t.

Now you see the “secret” that the Key Judgments of this NIE inadvertently reveal – and it isn’t about Iraq or about the future of terrorism. It’s about our own intelligence service, and what this NIE has revealed is that our radar is busted. That’s frightening, and what’s even more frightening is the realization that if we know it, so too do our enemies.

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