The Mighty British

Someone found a .22 Short cartridge in the doorway to a shop in England and the media are predictably hyperventilating over it. The reporter tell us that:

“The bullet, of Swiss origin, was still in its brass casing, complete with enough gunpowder for it to fire itself.”

How about that! In all the time I’ve been around guns I have never come across a bullet which fires itself. Neat trick that. I suppose that this supernatural ability explains why the event frightened Haroon Khan, the man who found the cartridge:

“How can you feel safe when you are finding things like this on the street?

Fortunately, the police are on the case:

A police spokesman said: “Recovering firearms and ammunition is a priority for the police. We take the same view of ammunition as we do of a gun.

“If it goes bang, it is still lethal.”

Police are treating the unattended ammunition as a crime. Mr Khan alerted them at 10.16am, and they arrived at his shop to pick up the bullet at 11.32am.

bullet2324551full.jpgFor those of you who are not gun folk, this tiny little round is used for Olympic shooting and for target practice. It is probably sufficient for killing chipmunks, but with anything bigger you are better of beating the critter with the gun than pestering him with the bullet.

How the once great people of The British Empire evolved into the modern Englishman, I will never understand.

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