Steyn On Proportion

Mark Steys’ column in The Chicago Sun Times yesterday discusses the “proportional” response idiocy that has been at the center of the international response to the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict.

But, when an army goes to war against a terrorist organization, it’s like watching the Red Sox play Andre Agassi: Each side is being held to its own set of rules. When Hezbollah launches rockets into Israeli residential neighborhoods with the intention of killing random civilians, that’s fine because, after all, they’re terrorists and that’s what terrorists do. But when, in the course of trying to resist the terrorists, Israel unintentionally kills civilians, that’s an appalling act of savagery.

Intent matters.

Israel intends to protect herself, her property, and her people, and in the course of that pursuit mistakes are made and the wrong people die. When they do the result is an international outcry. Isael is condemned and vilified.

Hezbollah intends to kill Israeli civilians and they are celebrated. Even when Hezbollah’s haphazardly fired rockets land in Jenin instead of Israel the residents there cheer Hezbollah on.

The disproportion here is not the one the news anchors and diplomats keep talking about.

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