Who’s The Victim?

I was forced to actually register at the Daily Press (a print newspaper of Hampton Roads, Virginia) because I had to see the article for myself. I couldn’t believe the email I got from the VCDL.

The gist is three men attack this guy, beat him up, one of the three pulls a gun, and the guy they beat up pulls a gun and shoots two of them, killing one and wounding another. In this story, who is the victim? The title of the article is “NN police identify shooting victim” so you might think the guy who was attacked and beat up was also shot, but I’m afraid not. It seems that to SHAWN DAY, the idiot who wrote the article, the “victim” was the attacker who was killed by the guy he and his two buddies decided to jump. Wow.

UPDATE: It was pointed out to me that in many cases, the reporter doesn’t write the headline, the editor does. So maybe Mr. Day is not the idiot, but someone at that paper certainly is.

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  1. Scott says:

    I wrote Mr Day about his article. Here’s his response with my email below:

    From: Day, Shawn
    To: ‘Scott’

    Thanks for writing. No, I didn’t write the headline.
    It certainly has stirred up a good bit of feedback.

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Scott [mailto:scott@sammytaylor.net]
    To: Day, Shawn
    Subject: Victim??

    I hope you didn’t write the headline to your article on the attacker who
    was shot by his victim.

    If you did, I hope you realize how repugnant it is to refer to the
    felonious attacker as a “victim” in this situation.


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