Sometimes The “Fifty” Is Not Enough

Which is why Anzio Ironworks created their 20 mm takedown, shown here in it’s convenient carry case.

For comparison, the photo shows the 5.56 NATO, the .338 Lapua, the .50 BMG, and a 20 mm Vulcan.

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2 Responses to Sometimes The “Fifty” Is Not Enough

  1. Scott says:

    Now, how do I add that to my Amazon wish list?

  2. Marcus says:

    Did ya’ll read the warnings? That’s classic!

    “DO NOT EVER shoot our rifles without the muzzle brake. Shooting this rifle without the muzzle brake will cause serious damage to your shoulder area and any other body parts that it may come in contact with.

    If you have a weak heart, are taking medication, have osteoporosis (weak or fragile bones), a recent shoulder injury, muscle or joint disease, are susceptible to eye retinal separation, high blood pressure, etc. then don’t shoot our rifles. If in doubt check with your doctor if in doubt… Before shooting any large caliber weapon always check with your doctor first – before shooting.

    With every shot you are impacting your body as with any other magnum type rifles don’t overuse them. If you start to hurt or feel pain after shooting a few rounds then take a break or stop shooting. Every person is different. Some people can shoot large caliber rifles all day long where others hurt after just a round or two. Over using our rifles or any other large caliber weapons may cause joint and bone damage. Again if in doubt check with your doctor.”

    If that don’t cover it, I’ve never seen that what does!

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