Shock The Man


The creator of tried out the dog obedience collar he had placed on his dog’s neck and found that (*gasp*) the thing hurt. As penance he decided to wear the collar himself and allow people on the web to control it.

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3 Responses to Shock The Man

  1. Rand says:

    I know what Sammy’s next gift is…

    Wonder if this guy does gift certificates?

  2. Scott says:

    I think trying to make a comparison between a shock to the fur-covered and probably thicker skin of a dog, to the bare, soft skin of a human neck is a bit disingenuous. I suspect that when the company designed the collars, they came up with a shock level that was appropriate for dogs, and a shock collar that produced a similar effect on humans would be totally ignored by dogs.

  3. sammy says:

    Training collars have a pair of stainless steel contacts that touch the skin in order to administer the shock, so the fur is not a significant factor. However, it is certainly true that the average dog’s pain tolerance is much higher than the average human’s. I have shocked myself with the training collars intended for “problem dogs.” They certainly get your attention, but are not dangerous when used properly.

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