In response to this effort at Porkbusters, I called Georgia Senator Saxby Chamliss’ D.C. office and asked if he had put a hold on S.2590. I was told by one of his aids that Mr. Chambliss is a co-sponsor of the bill and did not initiate a hold. S.2590 needs to be passed. Please contact your state Senator and help expose those who are attempting to block it.

Update: One of TPMmuckraker’s readers contacted Chambliss’ office after I did and was told a different tale:

Saxby Chambliss’ office gave me a, “No senator would answer that question, I mean, come on, it’s a secret.” I replied that “Johnny Isakson’s office gave an on the record ‘No’; is Senator Chambliss willing to state publicly that he is not the mystery senator?” The answer was a “No, he will not state either he is or is not.” I stated my displeasure at his wishy-washiness, thanked the staffer, and hung up.

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