S.2590 Update

TPMmuckraker has a lot of updates on the S.2590 secret hold controversy here. Please take the time to look into this issue and encourage those Senators who have not responded to inquiries to do so.

Update: According to recent updates to this post at Saxby Chambliss is not off the hook. I just sent him this email:

Mr Chamliss,

I am a resident, a blogger, and business owner in Georgia. On 24 Aug. I called your D.C. office in regards to S.2590 and the secret hold that has been placed on it. I asked your staffer directly to confirm or deny that you had placed the hold and was told that you were a sponsor of the bill and had not placed the hold. Subsequent to that conversation have read the following on line at http://www.tpmmuckraker.com/archives/001428.php:

Saxby Chambliss’ office gave me a, “No senator would answer that question, I mean, come on, it’s a secret.” I replied that “Johnny Isakson’s office gave an on the record ‘No’; is Senator Chambliss willing to state publicly that he is not the mystery senator?” The answer was a “No, he will not state either he is or is not.” I stated my displeasure at his wishy-washiness, thanked the staffer, and hung up.
—End Quote—

I am very disappointed in this response. A lot of Senators have indeed answered this question, and all of you need to. This bill, at it’s heart, is about government transparency and accountability and it is being blocked by exactly the sort of behavior which it is intended to discourage. You are there as my representative. Your allegiance must be to me and to the nation, not to the Senate or your fellow Senators. If you will not fight for my rights to know what my money is being spent on and by whom, I shall have to find a representative who will.

Sammy Taylor

Again, I urge you all to contact your Senator(s) and push this issue. Saxby Chambliss’ site is a good place to start.

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  1. ghubert says:

    This article implies that it is Ted “Bridge to Nowhere” Stevens that is putting the hold on the project.

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