Roos Fed The Pill

It seems that the trend toward sheepishness is affecting the citizens of Australia just as it is the rest of the west. Get this:

Kangaroos around Australia’s national capital will soon be fed a contraceptive pill by authorities trying to control their booming population.

Further in we learn that:

A decision to kill 800 kangaroos around Canberra two years sparked uproar and protests from animal rights groups, prompting the local government to look at alternatives.

Authorities in the past have trialed vasectomies for male kangaroos and slow release contraceptive implants for female, but both methods proved unworkable.

This reminds me of the program in New Jersey which aimed to curb their bear population with contraception. This is a silly pursuit, regardless of what critter you are trying to manage or where it lives. For starters, these people are just begging to run afoul of The Law of Unintended Consequences. Spreading chemicals which have contraceptive effects on middle sized mammals around low lying wetlands is not a prudent thing.

Kill the critters and throw ’em on the barbie. You solve the problem and feed some folks. Roo can be good eating when prepared properly.

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