Range Time

Kyle and I spent the late afternoon at the range today. We shot some .45 ACP through my Kimber CDP, my Colt 1911, and his CZ-97, and then a bunch of .22 LR through his Remington 521T, which he inherited from our father, a Henry AR-7, and the giggle gun. The giggle gun is a Walther P22 and got it’s name because it is so much fun to shoot it often causes the shooter to giggle.

We decided to have Sushi afterward, but were disappointed to find that our customary Sushi spot was closed. Not for the evening mind you, devoid of humans, fixtures, and furnishing -CLOSED. We had Mexican instead and then watched a movie together while we cleaned the weapons.

There are few ways to better spend an afternoon.

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2 Responses to Range Time

  1. Rand says:

    Wish I coulda made it.

    Please tell me you’re talking about some other sushi place than the buffet from the heavens!

  2. sammy says:

    Randy, Sakana-Ya has closed.

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