Peters On Iraq

In yesterday’s New York Post there was a column by Ralph Peters that sums up the situation Iraq quite nicely. Peters upholds a position which one of our favorites around here; if you are not willing to prosecute a war brutally and totally, you are doomed to failure. This passage just delivers the point:

With Iraqi society decomposing – or, at best, reverting to a medieval state with cell phones – the debate in Washington over whether to try to save the day by deploying more troops or withdrawing some is of secondary relevance.

What really matters is what our forces are ordered – and permitted – to do. With political correctness permeating our government and even the upper echelons of the military, we never tried the one technique that has a solid track record of defeating insurgents if applied consistently: the rigorous imposition of public order.

That means killing the bad guys. Not winning their hearts and minds, placating them or bringing them into the government. Killing them.

Exactly. More please, and faster!

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