Personal Protection Alarm

For protection against various criminals, we recommend the purchase and carrying of a “Personal Protection Alarm.” These devices produce a very loud noise that muggers and rapists do not like–they tend to fall down in pain or run away as quickly as possible. The one I carry produces about 155 decibels and is similar to this one (click below):

Colt 1911 Pistol

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2 Responses to Personal Protection Alarm

  1. Marcus says:

    Hey, I’ve got one similar to that as well. As an aside though, I haven’t been able to find one of those Taurus PT1911 in any of the gun stores that I’ve visited. Have you seen one in person yet?

  2. sammy says:

    I examined one at a gun show before buying the Dan Wesson. At around $500 the Taurus looks like it would be a good deal if you are willing, and able, to replace the stock trigger group with something else. I still can’t believe this foolishness:

    Taurus PT1911

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