Personal Defense TV – Review

Here I noted a new show called Personal Defense TV. I’ve seen the show several times now and I have to say it’s pretty good. The Massad Ayoob and Clint Smith segments are always winners. Mas Ayoob’s segments may seem like common sense once you’ve seen them, but that’s kind of the point I think–He looks at everyday situations and talks about how gun owners or really anyone should approach them from a tactical perspective: elevators, stairs, ATMs, convenience stores, etc. The point is, it may be common sense, but only if you actually think about it, which most people don’t. Who looks for cars poised for quick getaway before entering the local “stop-and-rob”? Why don’t we all?

I understand they have to have advertisers for the show, but often times the other segments seem like little more than long commercials. They had two segments the other night with a Smith and Wesson rep. The first was supposed to be about concealed carry weapons choices, especially semi-autos versus revolvers, but it was more a segment on how great the various Smith and Wesson products are, whether you choose an autoloading pistol or a revolver. The next segment was supposed to be about choosing a carry holster, but was really a continuation of how great Smith and Wesson guns are. They didn’t even show an IWB holster. They showed a photo of a belly-band on a table, but didn’t show one being worn or drawn from. I’ve noticed other times on this show and others, they assume concealed carry is a standard holster with a jacket or vest over it, when acting out situations or doing drills around CCW. I think that may be the police training influence at a lot of these schools–that seems to be the common carry method for off-duty or plain-clothed cops, but none of the CCW holders I know carry that way.

This show and some of the other gun shows are among the very few I’ll actually slow down TiVO and view the commercials, or at least the ones I haven’t seen once or twice already. But I don’t enjoy a supposed instructional segment being a thinly veiled commercial.

So while the show could use some improvement, it’s worth watching. Especially if you can fast forward through certain parts.

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