Partial-hour Time Zones

People are often surprised to hear that Newfoundland is an hour and a half earlier than eastern. Today’s OpinionJournal: Best of the Web has a blurb about partial-hour time zones, including Nepal’s quarter hour offset from GMT:

Time Enough at Last
Several readers responded to yesterday’s correction of Wednesday’s correction of Tuesday’s item about Iran by expressing skepticism that the time-zone difference between New York and Tehran is a compound rather than integer number of hours. In fact, there are quite a few fractional time zones, including one that is a quarter hour different.

Here’s something approaching a complete list, showing the difference between standard time in these zones and Greenwich Mean Time, which is Britain’s standard time:

  • GMT – 9:30: Marquesas Islands
  • GMT – 3:30: Canada (Newfoundland)
  • GMT + 3:30: Iran
  • GMT + 4:30: Afghanistan
  • GMT + 5:30: India, Sri Lanka
  • GMT + 5:45: Nepal
  • GMT + 6:30: Burma
  • GMT + 9:30: Australia (Central Time, including Darwin and Adelaide)
  • GMT + 10:30: Lord Howe Island
  • GMT + 11:30: Norfolk Island

Note: The Marquesas Islands are a French possession, and Lord Howe and Norfolk islands are Australian, all in the South Pacific.

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