On Government

“Oh well… we should be used to this type of inconsistent behavior from Washington. All this from a gov’t that attempts (among other things) to tax cigarette sales to pay for socialized health care and ban smoking in public places while simultaneously subsidizing the growers of tobacco.”

From Business Week, March 14, 1994, page 33

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  1. Hey, much appreciate your blogging on the tobacco ban issue. I work at the Drug Policy Alliance, the worlds leading organization promoting alternatives to the war on drugs. I am contacting you because I think we could have an interesting dialogue on this subject, agreeing on some points and disagreeing on others, but all and all productive and interesting. You can check out our myspace page, website, and posts on YouTube. Also, we will be releasing a poll this Thursday regarding Americans feelings towards cigarette bans, and in particular, making cigarettes illegal. The results are quite shocking. We will have a tobacco page set up this week on our website to expand on the issues involved in the poll results. I would love for you to check out our materials, and blog your response. It should be an interesting and educational debate. Thanks,

    and great work,


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