No More Half-Solutions

Mohammed Fadhil, an Iraqi blogger writes in his blog, Iraq the Model and on OpinionJournal, about how the same plan is being employed against Iraq and Israel, and has been around the middle east for some time. Here’s some of it (Emphasis mine):

This comes from the nature of strategy adopted by the fighting powers and here I’m talking about the Arabic/Islamic component whose strategy relies on keeping a crisis open and always on reaching half-solutions to enable the leaderships to retain their positions–of course this also means keeping the countries of the region behind of the rest of the world and I see the same strategy being employed this time.

Iran proved that it’s able to drag the region into a state of chaos by maneuvering its tools in Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas and the militias in Iraq. Iran knows that such a conflict directed by militias that blend with civilians will lead to long-lasting chaos and represents a half-solution that debilitates the other powers and at the same time it’s not a costly tactic for Iran! One hundred million dollars in the hands of gangs is enough to cause a lot of destruction that cannot be cured by billions in reconstruction, and it always costs less to destroy than to build.

The key point in this strategy is to keep the half-solution alive. This method proved successful in keeping the despotic regimes in power for decades and these regimes think this strategy is still valid. What makes them this way is their interpretation of international comments which came almost exactly as they always do; calls for restraint and urging a cease-fire which they (Iran and her allies) think will mean eventually going back to negotiations which they know very well how to keep moving in an empty circle.

That was clear from Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, secretary general of Hezbollah, earlier speech when he said “whether today or a month or a year from now, the Israelis will sooner or later find themselves forced to negotiate.” Of course Mr. Nasrallah did not talk about the rest of his hidden policy which is provoking another crisis once the first one cools down.

Read the whole thing. We need no more half-solutions and measured responses. It’s time for overwhelming force and disproportionate response. Proportionate response is no deterrent, it’s the enemy’s plan.

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