Most Annoying Online Newspaper Pet Peeve

The previous article reminds me of another pet peeve: Bad location headers on internet newspaper articles. Note that this one claims to be from “New York,” yet no where in the article is there anything about New York. Was the survey done among New York drivers only? Probably not. Is the company that produced the survey based in New York? Maybe. Is the writer sitting at a computer plugged in to a New York power outlet? Most likely.

A similar problem is the article that only lists “Beaverton” or some such never heard of town, population 50, as the location with no state listed. Then you go to the masthead, and the paper is based in “Riverside” but serves the greater “Bloom Valley” area, which included Beaverton. After ten minutes of searching, you finally figure out that all these places are somewhere in Idaho. Don’t these newspapers realize that once you put the article up on the web, someone might link to it, and someone else might read it who has no idea whatsoever where “Beaverton” is.

Jeez, just thinking about those slow pokes in the fast lane has put me in a grumpy mood! Time to get a Guinness and watch the Stanley Cup game 7.

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