Minutemen Begin Border Fence Construction

According to this FoxNews article:

PALOMINAS, Arizona — Minuteman border watch volunteers began putting up new fencing Saturday on a cattle ranch along the southeastern Arizona border with Mexico, intent on building impediments to a flood of illegal immigration until the federal government takes up the task.

Doty said he’s convinced the Minutemen and most Americans aren’t anti-immigrant.

“They’re just anti-illegal,” said Doty, who came with his wife, Sandy. “The Minutemen walk the extra mile to avoid being anti-immigrant and that’s what we like about the organization and what got us interested.”

Here’s a link to the Minutemen page, and a diagram of the proposed fence:
Minutemen Border Fence diagram

And here’s a blog post showing construction photos and more info.

Update by sammy: The site also provides the ability to donate money to help fund the Border Fence Project. If you believe in the project as I do, consider helping them out with a small donation.

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