McKinney-Johnson Debate

The Daily Standard has a good synopsis of the McKinney-Johnson debate held on Sunday Night. The money quote is Cynthia’s closing statement:

Thank you very much. An ordinance which was found unconstitutional written by an attorney. Dr. King reminded us that the measure of a man is where he stands in challenging controversy. I stand. Alongside our troops and our veterans, working families, and Mr. Clark, who could get no help from Mr. Johnson when his land was swallowed up by a landfill. Eisenhower reminds us that every dollar spent on war is a theft from the people. And I have brought more than $350 million. Send me back to Washington, so I can speak truth to power. [sic, sic, sic, and sic]

I certainly don’t want Cynthia to continue to represent my district. Read that statement and ask yourself if you want her to represent you.

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