Max needs to read this.

German shepherd defends family. Quite useful, though with training he might have been able to take them out.


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  1. sammy says:

    The article makes a big point of saying that Rocky was not a “guard dog” but just a family pet. The wonderful thing about German Shepherds is that they are among the best guard dogs on the planet. Training is always beneficial, but these animals are born with a protective streak a mile wide. It is unfortunate that in this watered down age people feel the need to equivocate about this animals commendable behavior. Three goblins broke in to rob the place and Rocky took a chomp out of ’em, sustaining two gunshot wounds in the process. Good on Rocky. Now, if he only had an owner who was able and willing to do his part…

    And don’t worry about Max, he has backup.

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