Law & Order: Profiteer

We watched a very odd episode of Law & Order this weekend: Profiteer.

The plot of the episode is that the CEO of a body armor company is gunned down in front of his daughter. It turns out that one of their chemists, an anti-war activist, sabotaged some of the body armor, was found out, fired, and given bad references. Then we learn that a soldier, who had been in Iraq for months without any body armor at all, gets a faulty vest and was killed a week later. Another executive from the company explains that only a few vest out of a batch of thousands were thought to be defective, and that to destroy the entire batch would cause more, not less soldiers to die. The prosecutor (McCoy) after hearing all this, decides to prosecute this executive for depraved indifference?! He doesn’t, however, prosecute the saboteur. Now we know the soldier who was killed only got his vest a week or so before the incident, so if the vests were pulled he’d have been killed anyway and several of his friends might have also been killed since they wouldn’t have had vests either. McCoy couldn’t conceive that the company’s motive was anything other than profit but still let off the saboteur. The writers have McCoy ask a soldier whether he would go into combat with a faulty vest and he just sits there not answering, but clearly most would accept a potentially faulty vest, if the alternative was no vest at all!

I’ve known this show to have a liberal slant before, but this episode was pretty bad.

We also watched a Law & Order SVU episode, Confrontation, where a rape victim after being raped a second time by the same guy follows him after he leaves her house. She confronts him with a steel rod and begins beating him, but is later found dead. The detective (Stabler) laments that this is what happens when civilians take the law into their own hands. I’m sorry, Stabler, but this is what happens when the city limts your defense options to knives and sticks instead of a nice .45.

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