LA Destroys the Life of Victim of Attack

John Lott’s post links to a couple of CRIME, GUNS, AND VIDEO TAPE posts about a taxi driver in Los Angeles who, in January 2006 shot and wounded a man in self-defense:

According to police the cab driver was attacked by the unnamed man, who spat at, chased and began striking the cab driver who fled for his safety to the back seat of yet another taxi. The cab driver was then dragged out of the taxi and that’s when he drew a handgun in an attempt to stop the attack. Despite the presence of the gun the thug continued striking Terminassian who fired his gun wounding the man.

The bail was first set at 1.53 million dollars, then reduced to a measly one million dollars. The eighth amendment states, “Excessive bail shall not be required,” so how did they figure a cab driver was going to come up with a million bucks? Well, he couldn’t.

The assailant goes by several names, plead guilty to a single “hate crime” count, paid $600, attended a course at the Museum of Tolerance, and was supposed to do 400 hours of work for the California Department of Transportation.

The victim (of the assault and government persecution) had no criminal record and worked three jobs to make ends meet. He was finally aquitted, but he spent somewhere near ten months in jail.

They call that justice? As the blogger linked above wrote, “Terminassian was clearly victimized twice, once by a criminal and once more by a flawed criminal justice system.”

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