Killing Time

Finally, an environmental policy initiative I can get behind. To paraphrase, it seems that experts have determined that the majority of fecal pollutants found in many streams and rivers are the result of those diabolical animals we’ve all seen running about the place:

Part of the problem lies with the unnaturally high populations of deer, geese and raccoons living in modern suburbs and depositing their waste there. But officials say it would be nearly impossible, and wildly unpopular, to kill or relocate enough animals to make a dent in even that segment of the pollution.

Well, it may be nearly impossible, but I’ll have a try. There is a creek a few hundred feet off the back deck and the environmental planners didn’t have the sense to make the ground slope away from it. As a result of their oversight, all the waste from those pesky critters flows to the water, keeping it from being the pristine, unpolluted fount that mother nature intended. So, I have extended my no critter zone to include the creek and added the possums, raccoons, and the kittens too small to contribute to the rodent control efforts to the banned persons list.

You know, anything to save the environment. (found through Outside the Beltway)

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