Join The NRA

I received a call from The National Rifle Association recently in which I was asked to extend my membership to that organization. I informed the caller that, as I am currently a life member of the NRA, I did not expect that I would live long enough to take advantage of any extension of my membership, and so I was not interested. But I will take this opportunity to encourage any of you who are not currently members to join.

The NRA is certainly not perfect, but as far as our political liberty is concerned they are the only game in town. Our current membership is around four million, which is significant, but it should be many times that number. Any shooter, hunter, or gun owner should obviously support the cause, but so should any citizen who is committed to personal liberty. At $35 per year, it is cheaper to help insure our rights than to have a decent meal, and surely more valuable.

So go join up!

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