Joe Sobran on The Second Amendment

Joe Sobran in the Washington Times in December, 1994. Though it is a dozen years old, this quote remains spot on. Our current President is better on this issue than Clinton was, but our national government is still far from ideal on the matter:

“Because the state can no longer protect us from crime, it wants to take away from us the means of protecting ourselves. This is the logic of gun control.”

“In short, we – or our rulers, at any rate – now make law lawlessly. Bill Clinton wants to license all handguns in the United States. He affects not to know that the Second Amendment forbids the federal government to infringe our right to keep and bear arms. He doesn’t ask, because he doesn’t care, where the federal government gets the lawful power to require the licensing of guns. He thinks it has the actual political power to do it, and for him that is all that counts.”

“So law-abiding citizens are left at a disadvantage – caught between a criminal class that disdains the law and a ruling class that disdains the Constitution.”

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