Jeff Cooper

The following appeared at Colonel Jeff Cooper’s site today. Please keep him in your thoughts, as he is surely in mine.

Update on Jeff Cooper, 14 Sep 2006

Several months ago Jeff suffered three new fractures of his vertebrae. This has caused him severe and constant pain and he has been unable to do anything but concentrate on pain relief – this is why there have been no Commentaries since Vol. 14, No. 4, April/May, 2006.

The doctors suggested kyphoplasty, a procedure to separate the spine at the fracture sites and relieve the pain – unfortunately, this does not normally work on old fractures, or it would have been done a long time ago.

Jeff went into the hospital with the goal of getting prepped for having this procedure done, but the doctors pronounced that he is not strong enough to have it done. As it stands now, Jeff has a partially collapsed lung and has been on oxygen for several months, and additionally his heart is now showing signs of distress.

On Wednesday 13 Sept, Jeff came home from the hospital and hospice care has been arranged to assist Janelle and the family with Jeff’s care. While Jeff is alert and in good spirits it is likely he will will not be out of bed much in the future. Right now everyones’ focus is on keeping him as comfortable as possible.

While phone calls are not a good idea, cards and short letters for both Jeff and Janelle would be greatly appreciated. The family has asked that flowers not be sent.

You can send cards and letters to them at
Jeff Cooper
2950 W Gunsite Rd
AZ 86334-4301
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