Jackass Governor Doyle of Wisconsin

WBAY News (abc) reports:

State legislators have twice passed concealed carry laws in the past four years. Governor Doyle has vetoed both. Doyle recent criticized Republicans for wasting time and energy passing concealed carry legislation they knew he would veto.

What a nitwit. He’s wasted the legislature’s time by vetoing a law he knows they’ll keep passing until they override his veto or the state of Wisconsin throws the bastard out.

Also of interest in the article, this about a study to be released soon:

Study author David Dodenhoff says he found less chance of property loss or physical injury exists when a potential crime victim resists with a gun. He says criminals in states with concealed weapons laws are afraid of the possibility of confronting an armed victim.

Sometimes you need to prove the obvious, I guess. Here’s the actual study. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet. Here’s some more commentary on it from ohioccw.org.

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