It’s Called Self Defense For A Reason

This article tells us the sad story of the Lowrance family of Memphis, Tennessee. The Lowrance’s have had their home broken into five or six times and have become frustrated by it. In response to this unfortunate turn of events Mr. Lowrance has decided to pay $75 a month to hire private security to patrol past his home. “If there’s a problem,” he says, “the security gets here very quickly. Much quicker than police usually.”

This man has abdicated the responsibility of protecting his family and his property. He subsequently discovers that the state is neither willing nor able to take this burden off his hands, and so he has attempted to contract it out. It is unfortunate that he lacks the courage to accept his responsibilities. It is appalling that he lacks the conviction that his family, his property, and his life are worth protecting.

Mr. Lowrance would be much better served by the purchase of a gun and maybe a proper dog than the services of a private security firm. It would even save him some money.

While “frustrated” is not the way I would describe what my reaction would be to such circumstances, I also doubt that I would ever have my home broken into “five to six times.” I would be angry; overtly, aggressively, and actively angry. After one or two invaders were carted out of my home by the local medical examiner, I am willing to bet that the frequency of break-ins at my home, and likely on my street, would tend to fall off. And if, in the defense of what is mine, I am somehow made the victim, I would prefer that to the alternative.

Once you have taken personal responsibility for your own safety and are prepared and able to discharge that responsibility, by all means augment your security by any means you see fit. If you have the means to employ guards then do so. But this is a backup, not a primary solution.

911 is not the answer to home invasion. 911 is who you call to clean up after you have dealt with the invader because it is rightly illegal to dump the body in the back yard.

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