How’s this for a gun?

This came from a paper in the recent issue of the Journal of Neuroscience (see below for link to full text). This pneumatic capillary gun is a recent advance from a group at the University of California and is designed to introduce material to modify gene expression within, in this case, embryonic tissue. Using pressurized helium gas for particle acceleration and laser targeting, this version of their capillary gun has advantages over other “gene guns” in its accuracy, reproducibility and in that it doesn’t cause damage to the targeted tissue. The group are continuing to work on modifying the gun to make the positioning and motion of the gun programmable. [The inset is a close-up is a view of a leech embryo with a laser spot (red dot); the end of the gun is seen extending from the top right corner.]
capillary gun.jpeg

Full text article can be found here:
Pneumatic capillary gun J Neurosci vol 26 2006.pdf

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