Hotel DPRK

The Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea’s capital is one of the largest structures on earth. It is has 3.9 million square feet of floor space spread over 105 floors and rises 1,082 feet over Pyongyang. And it will never be occupied. Visit for more information.


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  1. Scott says:

    Why won’t it ever be occupied? According to Wikipedia:

    The basic structure is complete, but no windows, fixtures, or fittings have been installed, presumably due to the high cost. According to Emporis,[4] the concrete used in building the Ryugyong Hotel is of unsuitable quality and therefore unsafe; the building will never open as presently constructed. The North Korean government is trying to invite a foreign investment of $300 million to build a new structure for the hotel. In the meantime, it has removed the Ryugyong from maps and stamps and built a newer five-star hotel of more conventional design on the Taedong River.

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