Hilarious Patents

I ran across this website on a journey through cyberspace (I don’t know where I took the wrong turn, but….). This is a website offering free patent searches. Also included on the site is a page on crazy patents; ones that the site author has deemed “crazy” and has even given some good commentary to boot.

Title: Beerbrella

Document Type and Number: United States Patent 6637447

Abstract: The present invention provides a small umbrella (“Beerbrella”) which may be removably attached to a beverage container in order to shade the beverage container from the direct rays of the sun. The apparatus comprises a small umbrella approximately five to seven inches in diameter, although other appropriate sizes may be used within the spirit and scope of the present invention. Suitable advertising and/or logos may be applied to the umbrella surface for promotional purposes. The umbrella may be attached to the beverage container by any one of a number of means, including clip, strap, cup, foam insulator, or as a coaster or the like. The umbrella shaft may be provided with a pivot to allow the umbrella to be suitably angled to shield the sun or for aesthetic purposes. In one embodiment, a pivot joint and counterweight may be provided to allow the umbrella to pivot out of the way when the user drinks from the container.

Site Author’s Commentary:

6637447 Beerbrella Keeps the sun off your beer (no, I am not kidding). One would think that those little insulating sleeves would be much more effective, but perhaps they were worried about their beer getting sunburned.

For this and other fairly humorous “inventions”, check out the site: freepatentsonline.com/crazy.html

Maybe some of my own “crazy” inventions aren’t so crazy after all!

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