Haditha Continues to Unravel

Congressman Jack Murtha claimed that U.S.Marines killed Iraqi’s “in cold blood” at Haditha and our media and the left went nuts over on the story, citing it as evidence to support their case that the U.S. is acting criminally in Iraq. Never mind that the troops in question had reported the incident before the shooting was over, including the unfortunate deaths of civilians during a battle with insurgents after an IED attack. Never mind that the military had launched at least two investigations of the case, and that one is ongoing. Jack assured us that it was murder and the press had a field day. The UK Times went so far as to publish their story on Haditha with an image of dead Iraqi’s at Haditha, implying that they were killed by U.S. Troops. The trouble was that the victims shown in that photograph were killed by insurgents, and the Times knew it. Newsweek had published the same photo in May with the following caption: “Insurgents in Haditha executed 19 Shiite fishermen and National Guardsmen in a sports stadium”. New reports show that the Haditha story is falling apart further. Including reports that there is video shot from a UAV showing the events that took place which corraborate the Marines’ story. There is no doubt that people died in Haditha, our troops reported the deaths as they occurred. But, now that the facts seem to be supporting our boys’ version of events, Murtha and our press have fallen nearly silent on the issue.

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