For whom the whistle blows

Many of you know the difficulties there can be in getting government funding for scientific research, especially in the current climate. I came upon this article today re-telling the ordeal of a group of graduate students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who had the unenviable task of having to expose their advisor for misconduct. Turns out the researcher was fixing data to make them look better in a bid, as it turns out successfully, to get grants. An investigation was held, the researcher resigned, the grant money was returned to the NIH and the students got screwed. They were told their years working on their Ph.D. under this advisor would have to scrapped and they would have to start again. All is rosy for the researcher however, who, as I found in a news article from the Wisconsin State Journal is “ working in the private sector, where there are ‘fewer headaches’ and she is ‘much happier'”. Bully for her.

Postscript. I’ve since learned the original article comes from a site needing a subscription. The pdf is below.


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