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Finally, an American motorcycle company that I can get behind! I’ve said for years that The Motor Company is overly obsessed with “retro” styling and antiquated technology in it’s motorcycles. Thus, I do not own one. Enter Fischer Motor Company with a new challenge to the Japanese motorcycle industry. While the engine is from Korea and not of their own design, it’s refreshing to see Americans making the effort to compete in the market place. Several of the parts are outsourced, but this is necessary to maintain the desired price point. I wish them luck in their endeavor to obtain a piece of a market dominated by the big four in Japan.

For those that may not keep track of the motorcycle industry, Fischer is attempting to break into the 600 cc sportbike market. The Japanese companies (Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Yamaha) are constantly revising their products to lead this sector. This particular bike will be direct competition for Suzuki’s SV650. Interestingly, Fischer intially wanted to develop a V-twin liter bike, but their engine source, Rotax, could not deliver. This would have been an even tougher market to break into. I think the 600 sector may be a better place to start.

Fischer MRX

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