Empire Election

John Derbyshire is fueling my nightmares this morning with his piece at NRO titled “Empire Election.” In it he looks at one possible scenario for the next presidential race. Here is his opening paragraph:

Giving Mrs. Clinton the benefit of the carpetbagger doubt, that is, and taking Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg as the other two — yes, it might come down to this. Your choices for presidential candidate in November 2008 might be three gun-controlling, abortion-supporting, gay-friendly, illegal-immigrant-amnestying northeasterners, two of them high-tax, welfare-state, social-engineering, affirmative-action liberals.

God help us if this is the choice we are faced with when the time comes. I agree with Derb, Rudy would get my vote and I’d send a new check to the NRA on the way to the polls to help contain his ” mild gun-control fetish.”

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