Embrace Conflict

I love this bit from a post over at The Brutality of Reason entitled Embrace Conflict:

I will not be victimized by either force or guilt. I embrace this conflict. I will enjoy this conflict. I will do what I can to see that this nation delivers the opponent into his grave. That his twisted oppressive ideas will die when his oxygen starved brain shuts down.

Western Culture is not guilty of anything. Western culture has been the platform for prosperity, liberty and happiness for more people than any culture in the history of the world. Western culture is worth defending. And when it’s time to fight, fight smart, fight hard, and strike first. That is the way to win. Embrace the fight and win it. Embrace Conflict

As long as we are going to have a war, we may as well embrace it. Our culture is surely worth defending, so there is no shame in doing so proudly and with fervor.

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