Doubling Down in Iraq

William J. Stuntz has an item up over at The Weekly Standard that everyone should read. In it he examines the idea that we should cut our losses in Iraq and withdraw from that conflict. Setting aside whether such a policy would even be feasible, it certainly is not advisable. We and the world would be far better served by redoubling our efforts than by abandoning them. War is an all or nothing proposition and should be prosecuted accordingly. As Stuntz says:

War is not poker; the stakes in Iraq are much higher than a little money or a few chips. But war’s psychology bears some resemblance to a well-played game of cards. The only way Americans lose this war is to fold. That seems likely to be the next move, but it is the last thing we should do. Far better to call and raise. Our cards are better than theirs, if only we have the nerve to play them.

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