Democrats keep betting on failure in Iraq.

Similar to the Victor Hanson piece below, this one by John Fund on the Wall Street Journal’s Opinion page raises some different points.

Saddam had the capability to start anthrax production within one week of making the decision to do so, and thereafter to produce more than 10 tons of weaponized anthrax a year. The congressional Office of Technology Assessment estimates that if even 200 pounds, or 1% of that amount, were released into the air over Washington, up to three million people would die.

Documents found on the computer owned by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi show he was increasingly concerned about the “bleak situation” the insurgency he led faced. “Time is beginning to be of service to the U.S. forces by allowing them to form and bolster the [Iraqi] National Guard, undertake big arrest operations, carry out a media campaign weakening the resistance’s influence and presenting it as harmful to the people, [and] creat[ing] division among its ranks.” He concluded by saying that the best way “to get out of this crisis is to entangle the American forces into another war. . . . We have noticed that the best of these wars is the one between the Americans and Iran.”

The Zaraqwi document sure sounds like progress, an impression buttressed by the admission of an al Qaeda leader last week that his death was a grave blow to the insurgency.

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