DeKalb County Police Are The Best

DeKalb County police have fatally shot ten people so far this year.  This is more than either New York or Los Angeles police.  I know you all appreciate this fact.  However, it doesn’t seem to be policy.  Either that or the chief is actually afraid of political fallout.


DeKalb Police Chief Nick Marinelli has blamed the rise in fatal police shootings in part on loose gun laws in the South and more aggressive criminals.

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3 Responses to DeKalb County Police Are The Best

  1. Scott says:

    Yeah, didn’t it occur to Chief Marinelli that his officers just have better aim than those in New York and L.A.?

  2. gapeach says:

    You have to revise your count now…Number 11, who was a suspected armed bank robber, got a lot of bullets in his place of residence after stating he would not be going to jail. I believe that is the same comment a man from Louisiana made before killing a DeKalb police detective earlier this year.
    As a resident of DeKalb, I have no qualms about the shootings – Safety is of utmost importance to me and I feel that the police department is finally doing the right thing in stomping out crime. All of these folks have established criminal records at some point in their life. There is no other place in the South that has criminals roaming around who harbor a tremendous amount of disrespect and disregard toward law enforcement authorities who confront them.

  3. gapeach says:

    DeKalb police kill robbery suspect
    11th person this year to die in shootings by police

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Published on: 10/21/06
    DeKalb County police on Saturday shot and killed a 21-year-old armed robbery suspect who shot at police, according to police officials.

    David Lacroix became the 11th person this year to die in shootings by DeKalb police.

    The incident began about 11 a.m. when Conyers police and FBI agents went to a residence on Eagle’s Nest Run in DeKalb, according to DeKalb police spokesman Jason Gagnon said. A vehicle reportedly used in a bank robbery earlier Saturday in Conyers was found at the DeKalb home, he said. DeKalb police were asked to help at the home.

    Lacroix made incriminating statements about the robbery and threatened to shoot himself and police, Gagnon said. Lacroix then ran upstairs and barricaded himself in a bedroom.

    When he came out, he started shooting at police and they returned fire, Gagnon said. No officers were injured.

    Conyers police were not immediately available to provide additional details about the shooting or the bank robbery.

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