Dan Wesson Commander Classic Bobtail: Follow Up

target.jpgI had a chance to take the new carry gun to the range last week and it failed completely. The ejector was not cut to specification and was attempting to escape the frame. As a result it began to seize up after one hundred rounds were shot. Back to the gun shop it went and my friends there traded it out immediately for a new one. A complete replacement was not necessary, but the folks there decided that they would save me the trouble of getting the replacement part from CZ or sending the pistol in for factory service. Had I not bought it from a shop owner who was willing to deal with the replacement from the factory, it would have still ended up ok because CZs customer support is fantastic.

So I returned to the range on Saturday with Marcus and the replacement and we proceeded to shoot up the place. The Bobtail felt great in the hand and shot exceptionally well. The target at right is 32 shots from 33 feet fired from a modified Weaver with the elbow of my support arm braced on a rail. It is tough to see but there are four rounds that did not share the large ragged whole, having entered three quarters of an inch below. Like almost all modern firearms, it is easily more accurate than it’s user is ever likely to be.

I am quite pleased with it.

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