CNN Reporter’s Shock at the Haditha Allegations

From this article:

I know the Marines that were operating in western al Anbar, from Husayba all the way to Haditha. I went on countless operations in 2005 up and down the Euphrates River Valley. I was pinned on rooftops with them in Ubeydi for hours taking incoming fire, and I’ve seen them not fire a shot back because they did not have positive identification on a target.
I saw their horror when they thought that they finally had identified their target, fired a tank round that went through a wall and into a house filled with civilians. They then rushed to help the wounded — remarkably no one was killed.

They’ve been convicted already in the press, aside from this article. Maybe there’s more to this than John Murtha would have you believe. In any case, it’s always bad to kill innocent civilians, but the enemy is doing it every day and it’s excused by many of the same folks taking advantage of this tragedy.

Hat tip to this Cox and Forkum post.

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