Chicago Polling Place Process

Crime, Guns, and Video Tape has a clear explanation of how votes get counted in Chicago. (Click through for the mock movie poster, if nothing else.) I hope we have a different process here in Georgia–I guess we do or else the Dems wouldn’t have been so upset over the voter id law.

So how do we prevent these problems? For one thing you need a voter id provision with a twist I haven’t seen. Your ID should have a computer-readable strip that gets read and recorded at the polling place, perhaps with a digital photo at the time of voting. This would help prevent the precinct captain from voting for a bunch of people (he’d have to have all their IDs) or catching him if he did.

Poll watchers should be armed and encouraged to carry. The police officer at the polling place can make sure the poll watchers make it onto the shuttle that returns them to the secure parking lot where their cars are parked.

The state parties should appoint the judges, and they shouldn’t be limited to those who live in the precinct.

Paper voting should be replaced with electronic voting machines. The electronic voting machines would print the choices on a human & machine readable card. In cases where electronic voting machines are already deployed with computer-only readable cards, a separate, simple reader machine that displays the recorded vote should be available for the voter to view his recorded vote. This machine should be pretty simple and not require any software updates, and can therefore be a permanently sealed box nearly impossible to compromise.

What else, or what different?

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