Catching Up: Range Time

I’ve been remiss in posting for a few days, so this is late.

We had an evening at the range last Thursday that was very enjoyable. Scott, Kyle, and I invited John Cox from Cox & Forkum along. John had shot before, but when he was a boy, so it was a learning session. I normally have not got the patience required to be an effective teacher, but I believe so strongly in the benefits of shooting and firearms ownership that I am able to enjoy instructing new shooters and take the time necessary to do it well. John was a natural and was scoring hits from the start. John regularly competes in darts and we found that many of the fundamental elements of dart throwing, such as proper stance and body alignment, translated to shooting. He started with Kyle’s giggle gun, the Walther P22, and then fired each handgun I had with us, including a Glock 17 and an early manufacture CZ 75 in 9mm Parabellum, a Walther PPK in .380 ACP, and finally a Kimber CDP and a Colt 1911A1 in .45 ACP. He hit consistently with them all, including the Glock with its miserable trigger. To my surprise, he even took a few shots with the ugly stick, a Remington 700 Sendero in .300 Winchester Magnum. The .300 pushes back on you a bit and it’s report and overpressure are very intimidating for new shooters. Most people take a few trips to work up to it.

When the range closed and kicked us out Kyle, John, and I went for dinner and a beer at a nearby Mexican eatery. (Scott went home to Glenda.) We had a nice meal and a lively discussion loosely centered on immigration issues.

I ended the evening by stopping at John’s home to view his paintings. I had never seen his work outside of the on line political cartoons and caricatures, and John was kind enough to invite me for an informal viewing. His paintings are wonderful and we had a long chat about being a working artist. It has been many years since I have existed as a painter and talking with John among his sketches, finished works, and canvases brought back a flood of memories. John even treated me to a sneak preview of the cover art for their upcoming book. (If you can’t wait for the new release, Black & White World II is available here.) It was a pleasant way to end a great day.

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  1. john cox says:

    It was a privilege and a pleasure to hang with you and the boys last Thursday. Lots of surprises but, by far, was how genuine and deep your respect for handgun ownership is. It was damn near moving. Thanks for educating a skeptic and inspiring him to not only get better with firearms but to get smarter…

    Looking forward to more;)

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