Watch this.

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  1. john cox says:

    Sammy, Sammy,Sammy

    I’m confused. Are you atheist or not? What’s with this warm and fuzzy, handicapped, I-love-Jesus shit. I don’t know who’s more pathetic….the large man or the vegetable. As long as you believe in vulgar horseshit being passed off as intellectual freedom, it’s impossible for you to be repulsed or indignant OVER ANYTHING. So let’s see the video with the 5 year-old paraplegic kid sucking an elephant while stroking off her grandfather in a vat of dog feces and human skulls. Have I crossed a line? HA HA….there IS no line, right? Or maybe South Park needs to do it first to make it “edgy”.

  2. sammy says:

    You are confused, I take you at your word there.
    I am atheist, though that point is immaterial here.
    The video is warm and fuzzy.
    One subject in it is indeed a gimp.
    I did not particularly enjoy the soundtrack.
    Pathetic is defined as “having a capacity to move one to either compassionate or contemptuous pity.” Which are you moved to in the case of Dick Hoyt (large man)?
    How about his son Rick (the gimp, he is not a vegetable though it is easy to make that mistake if you only see this footage.)?
    It is certainly not impossible for a man to be indignant or repulsed under any circumstances, you only have to look about you to know this.
    You won’t see the video you requested here because Scott and I are uninterested it that content. If you post it at Cox & Forkum, send us a link so we can comment.

    To my mind the Hoyts depict the triumph of human will and western society. The father is attempting to give his son a sense of freedom which the son lacks in his daily existence. They have participated in 206 Triathlons, 204 10 k runs, 64 Marathons (24 straight Boston Marathions), and over a hundred other events. Where and at what other time could this be an even remotely reasonable pursuit? For nearly all of human history Rick would literally have been left to the wolves. This society we have built is so unbelievably rich that a 65 year old man can make a living, support the rest of his family, and still choose to drag, push, or pull his son across the finish line of these events. How wonderful!

  3. john cox says:

    I was going for buttons there. South Park’s idea of humor was an adult having sex with a toddler. Where is the line of good taste there? I was trying to get you to see my suggestion and the episode of South Park was morally the same. You didn’t address my real point: If the cartoon is sick and funny, was my disgusting suggestion sick and funny? I was trying to contrast the message of hope in video (and it’s religious message underneath) with a twisted version of the message in South Park.

    Like I said….just trying to get a reaction.

  4. Scott says:

    John, I think you missed the point of the South Park cartoon. It wasn’t funny that the teacher was having sex with the kid–it was funny, in the poking-fun sense, because once everyone found out that the teacher was a hot female, most of them suddenly didn’t care, as was actually the case with Debra LaFavre, ( Sure, they exaggerated it for effect, but they were pointing out what was wrong with most people’s real-life response to a real event.

    I’m often amazed at the grief South Park gets from those on the right, because usually the points being made by the shows are in line with views of those giving the grief. Last season there was an episode where all the girls were imitating Paris Hilton, dressing and acting like sluts. There were several condemnations of the episode on the right which was odd since the moral of the episode was how wrong and stupid that is.

    I would think you’d understand the difference between depicting something that’s wrong or sick for the purpose of explaining what’s wrong or sick about it, compared to depicting it in a celebratory manner. Especially when the wrong/sick thing is actually happening and in the news, compared to your elephant-beastiality example.

    I have to wonder if you actually watched the episode or were just going on the short description here or other commentary about it on the web.

  5. john cox says:

    Boy, do we have a topic to dissect next time I see you at The Bear. If I seem outta line, I’d sure like a chance to sound out our differences over a few cold ones.
    With all due respect, ’til next time…..

  6. sammy says:


    I don’t think you’re out of line and I understood that you were pushing buttons. I must admit that I wondered if you had watched the whole episode of South Park as Scott did, because we had such a different take on what the intended message was, but that is the beauty of having diverse friends. I look forward to continuing the discussion at the Bear and I’ll buy the first round.

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