Boycott BP Gas Stations!

Boycott BP Gas Stations! Why, you ask? Because that’s where I get my gas, and if enough people boycott them, I can get my gas a penny or two cheaper.

Just kidding. I got this email today:


It is no secret that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez hates
George Bush and the United States. So much so, in fact,
that he has pledged to use his substantial profits from
Venezuelan owned Citgo to fund rogue governments, and
terror groups that wish to do us harm.

Hugo Chavez is a serious threat to our troops and our nation,
and to make matters worse, we are lining his pockets with
money he is using to destroy us.

Grassfire has just launched a major grassroots petition
effort to boycott Citgo, and we are asking team members
to sign.

For more information, and to sign the petition:

Thank you for taking immediate action.

Steve Elliott, President Alliance

For more on gas station boycotts, read Snopes or BreakTheChain.

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