Babysitter Socks Bear, Media Outs Her

Way up in Northern Idaho a woman babysitting three small children killed a bear which was threatening the home. The young woman wishes to remain anonymous, so here is how the press handles the matter...

The baby sitter did not want her name revealed and could not be reached for comment. She was baby-sitting for her sister, Becky Henslee.

Now I may be reading too much into this, but somehow I doubt that they would have been so sloppy with the identity of an animal rights activist or “Save The Planet” activist who asked for anonymity. They go on to make the point that

Henslee said her sister had a valid Idaho bear hunting tag.

Who the hell cares about a hunting tag? The bear is pawing at the door to the house and these people are concerned with whether the babysitter has taken her quota?

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